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showing any signs of slowing down. Some companies have cropped up to take advantage of that by offering sub-par services. Many arcade or VR experience owners either get burned or choose to go it alone, only to find out the many difficulties along the way. Wild Dimensions offers comprehensive virtual reality gaming equipment, servicing and arcade planning to take every bit of guesswork out of the process for you. 

VR Equipment

From the 9D VR chair simulator to mounted headsets and everything in between, Wild Dimensions has you covered. We can walk you through how to choose what will perform best in your market, what will fit in the space you have and how to keep it in good shape over time. No midnight calls to China required, and you don’t have to suddenly become an expert on things like ‘marine bonding and insurance.’ As a virtual reality arcade supplier, we’ve watched countless businesses either grow from the ground up successfully or add virtual reality experiences to really entice a new crowd of customers. VR games, movies and experiences are growing in both number and quality, too. Unlike standard arcade machines, you can change up what your customers do and see as often as you’d like.


VR Servicing

Like we said above, we don’t just wish you luck and say goodbye once you’ve set up your first piece of equipment through us. Our VR hardware and software servicing allows you to keep everything up-to-date. That means you won’t get stuck with long downtimes where you’re not making money. At Wild Dimensions, we offer a truly comprehensive range of services as your virtual reality arcade supplier.


If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about planning your own VR arcade, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.


VR Game Equipment Repair
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