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3rd Gen, 9D VR Immersive Chair

Come meet the future of VR Technology with our 3rd generation, 9D VR Immersive Chair. Complete with enhanced vibrations, full surround sound speakers, panoramic visual range, 3-D motion, air jets, targeted shooting and much more! With over 80 simulations to choose from, you’re sure to have the best VR experience ever!

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Virtual Reality Space / VR Standing Platform

With HTC VIVE Headset, Enjoy the immersive and unforgettable realities! Plus with the Wild Dimension VR Solution,you are getting the complete VR experience.

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VR Racing

With Professional Direction Wheel, Metal Brake, Refueling, Pedals! Double motor feedback technology, non-linear brake pedal pressure-sensitive braking system, providing sensitive and accurate racing experience!

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VR Machine Gun

Gatlin VR Game Machine brings players into character, turning them into a brave warrior in the line of fire!

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The VR Chair

Our short animated movie experiences are created especially for 9D so that they create the many distinctive, visual effects to maximize your experience and enjoyment

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