Meet the true future of VR technology with the 3rd Generation 9D immersive chair. Users can enjoy 360 degrees of exploration and immersion. Take a ride in a virtual amusement park, feel the sensations of a trip to outer space or sit back and enjoy the full effects of a multidimensional VR cinema. For shooting games, players track the target by headset and use a joystick to shoot. The chair’s sleek looking design elevates the status of any VR arcade or business. Indeed, it looks just as futuristic as it feels. With a wide range of 3D VR content, there’s something for everyone! We have experiences for 3 year olds to 93 year olds, amusement rides, thrill rides and real life adventures.

The 9D Chair Virtual Reality Experience

How did the 9D chair get its name? The creators truly pushed the boundaries of modern virtual experiences to bring users the most developed immersive product. It all starts with the visual landscape, with a comfortable headset that provides views in every direction.
Each experience is programmed as a full world, complete with 360 degree vision.
Next up are the sounds experience. Hi-fi amp driven speakers achieve full surround sound.
The experience is dynamic, letting viewers see the world as it moves and changes.
Think of the most immersive movie experience you’ve ever had and then multiply that tenfold.

A Truly Unique Experience

The 9D chair is driven by 3 cylinders that move players and users in every conceivable direction, making you feel like you are part of the experience. Tilt back as you take off on a wild ride through the air. Feel the twists and turns as you travel through this world. Seat vibrations help users feel the thrum of an engine and the shocks of an attack.

Air Jet & Back Pokes

The air jet releases from the top of the chair at just the right moment, ensuring a thrilling and exciting effect. This can perfectly enhance a well-timed startle or imitate real life. The leg sweep and back poke effects give you a true-to-life experience.

Expert Servicing of 9D Chairs

Beyond providing the initial support, advice and products for your VR business, we also provide expert and prompt servicing of 9D chairs. These complex gaming systems combine advanced hardware with important firmware and updated software. It’s important to keep the equipment up-to-date to ensure a smooth operation at your VR business. We can fix many issues remotely, making it easier for you to get back to full operation quickly. For more complex problems, we can send a technician to your location for servicing. Please refer to our VR Services page for more information on the types of repairs and updates we offer.